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The Author

Derek Ryan Jensen was born in Redwood City, California June 27, 1976. He lived under foster care until leaving on a church mission in 1995.  Derek began writing short stories and poems before graduating from Moorpark High School in 1994, where he met the legendary Ray Bradbury and other amazing writers.

Derek's motto:

"Activities in the great outdoors, like hiking, camping, and bike riding can cure a life of rejection, give hope to the abused, and relief from any pain and sorrow."     

He backpacked the high sierras during 20 years, across hundreds of miles, from the summit of Mt. Whitney to Sequoia National Park.  He left footprints all over his favorite places, including Kings Canyon, Death Valley, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Zions, Bryce, the Angeles National Forest, San Bernardino National Forest and many others across the USA, Dominican Republic and more.

Derek lived in the Dominican Republic for seven years, teaching English after serving a two year mission.  He also worked providing fundraising and purchasing assistance to cash poor medical centers and hospitals in need of new supplies and medical equipment.

Living in the Dominican Republic, Derek wrote “The tiny Life of Lucas Fern” and many other stories, poems, and even songs, using an old-fashioned typewriter.  

During his foster years, his last name was changed several times before the age of eighteen. Other last names include Bush & Bolingbroke. 

Derek camps with his family for a week in Yosemite, and other National Parks every year.  He is father of two boys and two girls, Derek has mastered his skills in bedtime storytelling.

In 2016 he self-published his first book, “The tiny Life of Lucas Fern” in English and Spanish.  In 2017 due to files that were hacked from his computer, he was forced to publish "Paul Bunyan & Me in Yosemite" in order to save his project, and series.  

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