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Paul Bunyan & Me

in Yosemite


Book #1 in the 

National Park Series

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A modern blend of The Giving Tree and American Legends,  with a setting in Yosemite National Park.  The first in a series covering many diverse, and new protagonists visiting National Parks all over the world.  

Paul Bunyan & Me in Yosemite, begins with John Henry and Talitha Fern who are the parents of Lucy and Lucas Fern, twins who were born with a beautiful bond to Plants and Animals. 

Talitha Fern is director of the National Parks and brings her family on tour, visiting familiar and not so familiar places in Yosemite.  Lucy and Lucas share many adventures with John Henry, Paul Bunyan, Paul Jr., Ranger Pamahas, Elmer the bear cub, POTUS, Casey Jones and more.   

The story is educational and exciting for kids of all ages 8-108.  The paperback edition includes an option for a last chapter full of fun facts and crossword puzzles to entertain and educate the road trip warriors who love to read. 

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